A letter from the author..

After finishing High School I was eager to get out of the country, similar to many Australian young adults, I took a gap year and booked myself a solo Contiki trip around Europe. Well, that was that, i had the travel bug.

I deferred my course another year and took that time off to work, save and pursue another trip. This one started in Nepal at a Tibetan Refugee Camp followed by crazy drunk nights and curing hangovers on the beach in Greece with six of my girlfriends, bit more of Europe then a spontaneous last minute trip to Egypt. It really was the trip of the lifetime! But it didn’t end there, one of my old friends was living in Airlie Beach, Queensland and I was lucky enough to work and live there the remaining 5 weeks of my trip. Over the years the travels continued .. (check out my travel page for all the countries i’ve visited).

Coming back home meant time to buckle down and get stuck into my degree. Initially, when i first applied for Uni, i had applied for a Psychology course. I had NO idea what i wanted to do when i finished school, i just knew i wanted to help people so i thought – hey, psychology why not? Anyway, after galavanting around different parts of the world, i decided Psychology wasn’t for me. I had a passion for diverse cultures & foods as well as foreign places & languages. I transferred into a Bachelor of International Studies, I loved this course, I studied multiple world religions, Learnt Spanish and gained some academic insight into intercultural communication and Middle Eastern Politics. Everything i was studying set a little spark off in me, i knew this is what i was passionate about but then i started to wonder.. what do i want to do when i grow up? was i going to work in foreign affairs? was i going to be a spanish interrupter? was i going to spend 6+ months overseas at a time working in development? or do i want something else?

This question “What do i want to do when i grow up” really started to play on my mind. My whole life, I have had a ‘carefree, go with the flow, whatever happens happens’ attitude towards life but the fear of not knowing my path really over-came me. I felt an immense pressure to work out the rest of my life, after all i was paying thousands of dollars to do this course i wanted to be sure. The stress, pressure and uncertainty of my academic future was actually partially responsible for a phase of depression i went through this winter, which i’m sure some of you can relate too. I don’t know why i was letting myself get so worked up over it, some people don’t even have access to education! was I being ungrateful? maybe spoilt for choice?

I started to do some serious thinking.. i started asking myself ‘who do i want to be’ rather than ‘what do i want to do?’. This is when i finally had some clarity. It didn’t serve me to have this fear of not knowing my path.

I am passionate about alleviating poverty, creating awareness about human slavery, promoting fair trade and travelling the world.

I am now completing a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Public Relations and minor in Spanish and hope to do my post-grad in international and community development. I still don’t know what i want to do when i grow up, but I’m okay with that, i’m a strong believer in fate and i think the universe sends us exactly what we need when we’re ready for it. Im using my degree to help build the building blocks to a future online fair-trade business of my own – dream big! But for now I’m using my the skills I’m learning to assist with my blog and hopefully land a job in the fair trade industry. I’m pretty new to this but am learning a lot. I want to share everything i learn with you, whether it be my travels or my research in fairtrade and slave labour. So, if you’re interested.. Please check out my Travel and Fair-trade pages!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Lots of love, FairsFare